Why a Chiropractic Adjustment?

The spine is made up of 24 individual bones. More specifically it’s made up of 53 individual joints. Your spine is meant to move. Each bone is meant to move relative to the bone below it. This is critical to your overall health because the job of these bones and their ability to move serves to protect the ever so sensitive tissue underneath, your spinal cord. The spinal cord, along with the brain, is the most sensitive tissue in your body and its job is to be the highway of information between your brain and body. So as the bones of your spine move, so does your spinal cord.

How many times did you fall off your bike as a kid?  Remember that car accident you had when you were 17? How about the fall on the ice you had last winter?  These are all traumas and over time they will cause restriction within the bones of your spine.  Let’s paint a scenario.  You have seven bones in your neck.  The middle two bones are not moving yet the bones above and below are- which we confirm with our motion study x-rays.  Where do you think all the stress is being placed?  Obviously on the area of the spine that is not moving.  It’s the proverbial kink in the hose.  The slightest change in stress or pressure to the most sensitive tissue in the body will significantly alter the communication between brain and body.  This leads to health problems from headaches to arthritis, you name it.

It’s imperative to get these bones to move.  Even if you massage the muscles around your spine, get your trainer to stretch you, get acupuncture, do yoga, CrossFit or workout…at the end of the day these bones will not be moving (confirmed by our motion study x-ray analysis.  Only the chiropractic adjustment can get in and create motion within these bones.  The chiropractic adjustment will break up this restriction, the adhesions which lock up these bones preventing normal function.  As normal function is restored to these bones, normal communication between brain and body will be restored, allowing your body to function at its optimal level.

Get checked to find out how your spine is functioning!