The View at the Top is Awesome!

I had a tough week.  Business was slow.  Two employees quit.  The doctor had to up my blood pressure meds.  The car is in the shop.  It’s finally Friday so I pick up a bag of chips and a bottle of wine.  I get home, pour myself a glass and rip open the bag.  I eat one chip and take a sip of wine.  I fold up and put the bag away and pour the rest of the wine down the drain.  Does anybody do this?

Hell No!  We eat the bag of chips and finish the bottle of wine.  Why?  Because we are human beings.  We are surrounded by all of these temptations.  Chips taste good!  Wine tastes good!  Let’s face it, crappy food tastes good.  That’s why these companies make so much money.  They make bad things taste really good.

Monday rolls around and you do great.  You eat healthy foods and exercise.  Tuesday comes and you do the same, sticking to the new plan.  Wednesday is a little harder but you still follow through.  Thursday is the hardest yet, but you make all the right choices.  Finally it’s Friday.  You did it!  You went the whole week doing the right thing, so time to celebrate.  Friday night is pizza night and a few too many beers.  Saturday you wake up feeling sluggish but friends are coming over later.  The wine and cheese flow freely.  Sunday is family dinner day.  More wine.  More food.  By Sunday night, your body is drained and crashing.  But tomorrow is Monday so time to get back on track.

Doing the right thing half of the time is called half-assed.  Half-assed effort gets half-assed results.  Getting your body to function at its highest level, its optimal level, requires a lot of discipline, but the end result will have you feeling great.  It may take some effort, some tough decisions and some pain to get to the point where your body is functioning great and you’re feeling great, but I promise you it’s worth it.  I promise you the view at the top is awesome!  There is no better feeling than waking up in the morning energized and excited for another great day.

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