We take X-rays of your back and neck first because we NEED to know…!!!

Why X-rays?

We use x-rays as a vital component of our initial consultation. X-rays give us invaluable information regarding the exact form and function of your spine. Since I don’t have x-ray vision, the only way to get the information we need is to look at your x-rays.

There are several reasons why we always look at your x-rays first:
*Evaluating your spine
Your x-rays tell us exactly what areas of your spine we want to be working on and maybe what areas we don’t want to be working on. There are times, although rare, when certain problems of the spinal cord deter us from wanting to adjust, some as serious as a tumor may have developed. It is crucial to identify any situation like this to avoid any possible complications.
*Measuring progress
We use x-rays to measure your progress. We need a definitive baseline in order to measure progress from pretreatment to posttreatment. I don’t want to just take your word on your improvement nor do I want you to just take my word. I want us both to see on your x-rays where you measurably improved and where improvement is still needed.
*Determining which joints are moving or not moving
We use motion study x-rays to show us exactly what joints in your spine and neck are moving or not moving. It’s in our analysis of motion study x-rays that we are able to determine this information and then put a specific treatment plan together in order for you to get better results faster.

Bottom line regarding the use of x-rays in our office is that if we don’t see what your spine looks like first then we ultimately are only guessing at the problem. I don’t want anyone to guess at what my spine is doing and I never want to guess at what yours is doing. For a full evaluation regarding the health of your spine, give us a call today 732-683-0200.