Stand up straight!  Stop slouching!  Your Mom had it right with her constant remarks about your posture.  In my office it’s all about form and function, form and function.  You either have normal form and function or abnormal form and function.  With normal form comes normal function.  When we look at the foundation of our body, our spine, from the side view we should have 3 fluid curves- one in the neck, mid-back and low back.  When we look at the spine straight on, it should be arrow straight.   Our posture, what we look like on the outside, is a direct reflection of what we look like on the inside.  As our posture breaks down, it can make us look ugly and older, but even more importantly it is bad for one’s health.


Texting on our phones, slouching over the computer, sitting all day at work or in school and playing video games are all posture killers.  How many car accidents, falls while learning to snow board and/or slips on the ice have you had throughout your lifetime?  All of the above create muscle imbalance and joint dysfunction which lead to bad posture.  Since we live on planet earth we have to deal with gravity.  The force of gravity is significant, placing a constant force bearing straight down on our body.  The muscle and joint imbalances continue to worsen over time replacing normal form and function with abnormal.  This creates degenerative conditions for joints, muscles and your nervous system.  This constant barrage of stress on the nervous system causes serious health problems due to its inability to respond normally to the infinite amount of stimulation our nervous system receives.


As gravity is constantly working to break down our posture, we need to constantly be working to improve it.  The good news is it’s fixable.  It’s imperative to know where the causes of problems are coming from so proper procedures can be put into place to correct the issue.  At the Active Healing Center, it starts with a full evaluation which includes your Wellness Score and our motion study x-rays.  Let’s find out the form and function of your body.