Dr. Tom, and his staff (especially Janine) are an amazing team. The 8 Week to Wellness plan were just the thing I needed to start my jouney into getting in shape and changing my lifestyle. I am stronger and have more energy, my prescripation medicine is lowing the dosage. When I walked in 8 weeks ago I could not walk a block without being winded and in pain. Now I am walking for FUN! I have some more work to get to my goal and with Dr. Tom and his team on my side I know I will be able to enjoy an active lifestyle again! Go 8WW!

Sheri Nicholson

I primarily came and joined this program because of my problems with vertigo.  After several sessions…I don’t want to say I’m cured…but I haven’t had a problem.  Also, my dizziness has gone away because of the program that we’ve continued.

I love this program because I enjoy the training aspect of it.  I feel that my core is stronger, my balance has improved – I just feel better about myself.  And when I work with you, Dr. Tom, my back feels much better.  My neck feels stronger.  I have more mobility.  I don’t have the headaches that I used to have that stemmed from the neck itself.  Continuing to work on that and my balance, to me, is very important.

I just want to say the staff here is excellent – everyone working here.  It’s a pleasure to come here.  Everyone greets you with a smile, and it’s a sincere smile. Carol S.

I am 72-years-old and have been a patient of The Active Healing Center for Wellness for many years. I’ve always had minor back issues related to sports activities and age, but manageable.

Dr. Tom has referred to me as a non-compliant patient. I wasn’t proactive with my care.

This past year, while at my winter residence, I was involved in an auto accident that caused our vehicle to flip upside down leaving me hanging by my seat belt. Miraculously, I had no serious injuries. I thought I would be fine. As the days passed, I began to feel neck and back pain. I sought the care of a chiropractor in town. My pain grew in intensity and became debilitating. Nothing was helping.

I was referred to a spinal physician who prescribed an MRI. Results are as follows:

  • Low Back – Multiple disc bulges at L1/L2, L2/L3, L3/L4, L4/L5, all causing stenosis.
  • Neck – disc herniation at C4/C5 (no stenosis), C5/C6 causing stenosis
  • Disc bulge at C6/C7.

Stenosis is a narrowing of the canal where the spinal nerve exits the spinal cord.

I returned to NJ six weeks after my accident still in terrible pain. I couldn’t turn my body nor could I bend. With the results of my MRI, Dr. Tom devised a plan to bring me back to good health. He warned that if I didn’t comply, I may never golf again. I was truly frightened. I became religious about following Doc’s orders and his routines are now part of my daily existence. By summer’s end, I was back playing 18 holes with an amazing swing, greater flexibility, increased ball distance and best of all, a lower handicap. I love to walk and have increased that to four miles twice a week.

Dr. Tom Gustafson has brought me back to life. I have recently returned to my winter home feeling strong and with a sense of renewal. Full recovery may take awhile, but guided by Dr. Tom, it will happen. He is caring and compassionate. My good health is a testimony to that. I thank you, Doc!

Testimonial on SPM Active Supplement

I was looking to take a vitamin to boost my immune system. The last year was very rough emotionally and I was not sleeping or eating well. Then with allergy season coming I always ended up getting a sinus infection which I need an antibiotic to cure. So I decided to take SPM Active to help prevent getting sick during the winter. It worked and not only is that allergy season here, this is the first time in 15 years I have absolutely no allergies! This supplement will be part of my daily routine for the rest of my life. Thank you, Dr. Tom!

-Karen S.

Testimonial on 8 Weeks to Wellness

I have been in a networking group with Dr. Tom Gustafson for several years and have always been impressed with his presentations during his spotlight as well as his passion for what he does. When the Active Healing Center began the 8 Weeks to Wellness program last spring, my husband and I went to the kick-off event. We both were so impressed with the potential of this program that we immediately signed up. Both of us got an “F” on the overall wellness test at the beginning of the program!

At this point, many months later, and into the fourth round, I have lost over 30 pounds, many inches, several clothing sizes, and as a result feel much stronger, have a lot more energy, and am having a great time doing it. My goals when I began included wanting my body to work at its proper level, maintain good balance and posture, continue to stay very active, and continue to be able to play and keep up with our grandchildren.

Dr. Tom and his staff (Gabrielle and Jenine) have helped me accomplish all of my goals in a professional, personal, and very caring way. I look forward to spending time working out and sharing experiences with them. I would highly recommend the program and most importantly the Active Healing Center family. -Ann Hager