Back Pain Specialist Monmouth County NJ

Back pain can limit function at work and at home and is a relatively common condition; Dr. Tom Gustafson provides chiropractic

treatment to relieve back pain and restore function and mobility to residents of Colts Neck, New Jersey as well as the surrounding neighborhoods in Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex counties.

Back Pain Q & A

by Tom Gustafson, DC

What Causes Back Pain?

Injuries, poor posture, and spinal degeneration are the most common causes of a painful back condition. Even relatively minor

Back Pain Specialist Monmouth County NJ

injuries like falls or automobile accidents can affect spinal alignment, while muscle strains and damaged ligaments or tendons can also result. Poor posture causes chronic stress on the spine and joints. Over time, the spine can degenerate from wear and tear, especially if people engage in activities like heavy lifting or use poor body mechanics.

Does Spinal Anatomy Affect Back Pain?

The spine is extremely complex and very flexible; while that means the human body can perform an astonishing variety of activities, it also predisposes the body to back pain. The 33 spinal bones (vertebrae) are connected and supported by muscles, ligaments, and tendons, while thick spongy discs separate and cushion the vertebrae. The spinal cord and nerves that run off of it can be compressed or irritated, while discs can rupture (herniate) and put pressure on nerves.

How Can Chiropractic Help Back Pain?

When the spine is out of alignment, it stresses muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Although the shift may be subtle, it can still cause pain. Muscles become tense, and the patient often tries to compensate by changing posture or gait, which can make the problem worse. A chiropractor can perform a spinal adjustment to correct the misalignment, which allows the muscles to relax. Chiropractors can also help correct other problems that may be contributing to back pain, like weak or uneven muscles (muscles work in pairs and must be equal in order for proper balance and function), through education and targeted exercise programs.

Will It Take Very Long to Correct the Problem?

Although each patient’s response to treatment is individualized, minor back pain — especially if it has only recently become a problem — is more likely to respond quickly to chiropractic treatment. However, patients who have suffered from back pain for months or years typically have other problems like short, tight or weak muscles, poor posture or body mechanics. Treatment of these conditions usually takes longer and more frequent treatments are often necessary.