At the Active Healing Center we change lives. A topic we bring up quite often at the Active Healing Center revolves around a very simple question: “Do you want to be a blessing or burden as you get older?” The answer is obvious, but what are you actively doing today to ensure a promising future?
What path are you on? Are you on a path to being a burden to yourself and loved ones or on a path to creating health, vitality and continued freedom as you age?
Here’s our three-step plan. First, we identify all those problem areas utilizing our Wellness Score, a comprehensive evaluation that tests upwards of 23 different parameters of your health. We identify the areas where you are doing well, the warning signs that we need to pay attention to and those areas that are absolutely impacting your health in a negative way. Second, we map out a complete corrective plan addressing all of your problem areas including nutrition, functional fitness, physical form and function as well as mindfulness/stress reduction. Third, we repeat your Wellness Score at the end of your corrective program to monitor and assess your progress and keep you moving forward on the right path.