Motion I

I was talking with a patient who comes regularly to the Active Healing Center for his adjustment and 8 Weeks to Wellness fitness training.  He’s heard me talk both in and outside of the office about the importance of the form and function of the spine and the importance of proper motion.  After he finished his spinal warm-ups he came to me to get adjusted and with a smile on his face he told me what he did the previous day.

He started by saying, “Dr. Tom I want to tell you about my day yesterday.”  His day went like this.  After taking a shower and eating breakfast he jumped into his car.  He drove one hour to a meeting with clients where they sat for three hours.  After the meeting, he got back into the car and drove one hour to his office where he proceeded to sit at the computer for the remainder of the day.  He got back into the car to pick up his daughter and take her to Karate.  While his daughter was at her lesson he chose to get some physical activity instead of sitting and watching the lesson, but he had to drive to get there.  An hour later, he drove back to pick up his daughter, drove home to sit down for dinner, then sat and watched some television and went to bed.

The vast majority of his waking moments of the day were spent sitting.  The vast majority of our population spends their lives sitting.  Whether it’s behind the wheel, at the computer, or watching television it does not matter.  Take a good look at what you do all day, everyday.   Sitting is the worst position not only for your spine but for your entire body and most importantly for your brain.

Our goal is to get you to move with great form and function and then get you to move more often.  If you are not moving enough, have difficulty moving due to pain or muscle and joint limitations give us a call.  An hour of your time can save you from months or even years of debilitation.