Recurring Back Pain?

Why does my back pain keep coming back?”

Recurring back pain is a common complaint.  Billions of dollars are spent every year trying to alleviate back pain. Regardless of treatments – physical therapy, pain management (medication), traditional chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, or surgery – back pain has the nasty habit of continually coming back. Why?

We are all different shapes and sizes. However, regardless of how we look on the outside, the functional core – skull, spine, and pelvis – is relatively the same in form and function in each and every one of us. The functional core is the most amazing architectural structure in your body. Its primary function is to keep us upright against gravity and protect the central nervous system – brain and spinal chord – which runs your entire body. Because we live on planet Earth and have to account for gravity as a constant, which affects each of us exactly the same, the functional core must be the same in its form and function.

You have back pain because you have lost proper form and function within the functional core. In other words, your spine is not able to move in its correct manner and this can occur for a multitude of reasons- trauma, wear and tear over time, repetitive use, etc.  When your spine is not able to move correctly, it leads to degeneration (osteoarthritis) which breaks down the joints and discs of your spine.  Excessive stress is also placed on the soft-tissue -muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage- which, over the course of time, will cause significant damage.  You continue to have recurring back pain because appropriate form and function has not been restored, enhanced, or corrected.  None of the therapies or treatments listed above correct or restore proper form and function to the spine.  They are all capable of providing temporary relief from your symptoms, but in terms of long-term correction, they all fall short.

Fortunately, proper form and function can be enhanced and even corrected.  The goal of treatment has to revolve around restoring motion to the spine and all the soft-tissue involved in the impairment.  In order to accomplish this, it is imperative to know which joints and soft-tissue are not working correctly.  Then proper rehabilitative procedures can be administered and measured over time determining your progression.  Obviously, the longer these problems are allowed to persist, the more damage will be done, so time is an issue.

Having to endure recurring pain is frustrating, especially when you have been actively searching for relief.  Fortunately, the remedy might be closer than you think.  For an evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for our program, please contact us at 732-683-0200.

A Blessing or Burden?

This is a topic I bring up quite often at the Active Healing Center. It’s a very simple question: “Do you want to be a blessing or a burden as you get older?” The answer is obvious, but what are you actively doing today to ensure a promising future?

What path are you on? Are you on a path to being a burden to yourself and loved ones or on a path to creating health, vitality and continued freedom as you age? Many people get their annual check-ups which include a blood pressure reading and bloodwork. While these are certainly important numbers to know, there are so many other measurable components that help paint a more complete picture to how well your body is functioning. True health is when your body is functioning at optimal levels and you feel energized and strong.

The number one biomarker for aging is body fat percentage- how much body fat versus muscle do you have on your body? Do you know what that number is? Research has also shown that a simple measurement such as your waist circumference, measured around the belly button the thickest part of your belly, gives great insight toward your tendency to develop heart disease including heart attacks and strokes.


Do you know that number? These are just two examples that tell us so much about the path you are on.

Knowing your numbers and identifying those problem areas are critical first steps to improving your overall well-being for today and tomorrow. The next step is incorporating a plan of action. Wellness is not about managing problems, it’s all about correcting them. And that’s exactly what we do here every day at the Active Healing Center. We can implement a plan to identify and correct your health problems which will result in a massive impact on your quality of life.

Here’s our three-step plan. First, we identify all those problem areas utilizing our Wellness Score, a comprehensive evaluation that tests upwards of 23 different parameters of your health. We identify the areas where you are doing well, the warning signs that we need to pay attention to and those areas that are absolutely impacting your health in a negative way. Second, we map out a complete corrective plan addressing all of your problem areas including nutrition, functional fitness, physical form and function as well as mindfulness/stress reduction. Third, we repeat your Wellness Score at the end of your corrective program to monitor and assess your progress and keep you moving forward on the right path.

It all starts with your Wellness Score. For more information, please call 732-683-0200.

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Withdrawals and Deposits

We all understand the simple concept of banking.  You can deposit money into your account or withdraw money out of your account.  The obvious goal is to deposit more money into your account than you are taking out.  This is how we build financial independence and freedom.  When the opposite happens, you lose that freedom and bankrupt yourself.


We can apply this same principle to your health.   Look at your health as a health account.  Are you making more health deposits or withdrawals?


Here are some valuable deposits that you can make on a regular basis:

  • Schedule regular chiropractic adjustments to clear out neurological imbalances and interferences and build your physical balance and posture.
  • Exercise 3-5 hours per week to build muscle, increase flexibility and improve cardiovascular health while reducing body fat.
  • Eat a healthy, organic, well-balanced diet on a daily basis to eliminate toxins and reduce digestive irritation and inflammation throughout your body.
  • Practice mindfulness and prayer to reduce the clutter in your brain. A focused brain leads to a focused and healthy body.

Here are some negative habits that result in withdrawals from your health account:

  • Neglecting physical and neurological imbalances and stress. (98% of Americans have never gone or do not get regular chiropractic adjustments.)
  • Living sedentary lifestyles with minimal to no physical exertion.
  • Eating high sugar/highly processed foods that create digestive stress and inflammation throughout your body.
  • Living physically, chemically and emotionally stressed out lives with no tools to help reduce that stress.

When these withdrawals outnumber your deposits, you achieve health bankruptcy, which could lead to any one of the three leading causes of death and illness in this country- heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

It is important to know not just where you are in terms of your health but also where you are heading.  Invest wisely.  Building wealth in terms of your health is how you maintain your independence and freedom as a human being.

Any questions regarding your health, please contact us on 732-683-0200.